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The historical city of Thetta is situated 63 miles from Karachi. This city is a good example of historic times and gradual development. New Thetta is situated on the ruins of the old city. In 1614 Sindh was made a seperate province and Thetta was chosen as the capital. The population of the city of Thetta was 80,000 in 1699 and it was built on a three miles long and half mile wide area. Thetta reflects some major historical events and also the traditional simplicity and the grace of Sindhi cities. The Bazars are narrow but busy, and full of various kinds of goods. Thetta at its zenith was the centre of export and import by river. The goods for trade, on which even these days the county is dependent on were brought here by the boats. The industrial and trade activities are growing these days because the two new industries of suger and cement are being established there so that Thetta is again becoming an important trading centre like the old times. The only difference is that the Indus was then an important way for trading through with boats, whereas todays Thetta is progressing in land transport with each passing day.

Almost every tomb in this area has a small mosque which is perhaps the tradition of that time. One of the tourist attractions in Thetta is the graveyard of Makli. There are tombs of the rulers of Sindh , E s a, Turkhan, Jam Nazam-ud-din and Mirza Jani Baig and the shrine of the famous Sufi Saint Abdullah Shah• shabi. These tombs have inscriptions and stones on them but designed tiles of teracota is also used. The famous mosque, Shahjahni Masjid has one of the most dignified architectural designs, built in 1644.

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