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Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan and the only seaport here. It is situated on the north-west of the delta of the Indus on the shores of the Arabian sea. It is the provincial capital of Sindh and a division by itself. Also, it is the most important industrial and trading centre of the country and is located on very busy international air route. The area of central city is about 228 square miles, the area of Karachi itself is about 560 square miles. According to a detailed survey, the population of Karachi has reached above one crore (10 million).

According to a local legend the word Karachi is derived from the word “Kalachi”, it is the name of a woman who ruled over Karachi, the then a fisher men’s town, some 200 years ago. Later on the word Kalachi, changed into the word Karachi. But the real reason behind this name is probably that a Baluch tribe by the name of “Kalachi” came and settled here. They were originally “Rajput”. The etymology of “Kaladri”, a town in Dera lsniail Khan, a district of N.W.F.P. is probably the same. According to the common usage of Sindi language, the “L” of Karachi was eventually replace by “R”.

According to another view, new Karachi is the same place where Mohammed Bin Qasim arrived and at that time it was known as “Deebal”. The meaning of Deebal is “temple” This city was known as Deebal because of the temple which still exists there.

It is belived that Karachi is the same place which was known as “Haven” in the reign of Alexander and where Nearchus reached the western side of the Indus.

The reason of the prosperity of Karachi is that it is the only sea port of Pakistan, the goods from not only Pakistan but of Afghnistan, including wheat, cotton, oil seed, leather are imported and exported from here.

The weather in Karachi is pleasent most of the year. Neither south-western Monsoon winds, nor the south-eastern winds reach here, that is why we find only two types of weather here. Winter begins from the month of November and ends in the month of March. Summer comes in April and lasts up to October. The rainy season is mostly limited from June to August The rainfall in this region is about 8 inches a year.


When Pakistan came into being in 1947 Karachi was chosen to be the capital of Pakistan, it was decided that Karachi should be a federal city and be expanded to 20 thousand acres. So that a big and great city was in the process of being formed.

In 1959 the capital was shifted to Rawalpindi and Islamabad, so Karachi turned into merely the capital of Sindh. The Muslim population of Karachi is about 95% and one third of population is comprised of the refugees and new corners; coming from different provinces of Pakistan and also India. Similarly other people like, Punjabi, Pathan, Baluchi, Sindhi, Kashmiri, Bral Gujrati and Mehman etc. are also settled there.

This city accomodates a great number of the followers of different religions other than Islam. According to the census of 1961 the population of various other religions is 10,497 Hindu, 6,786 Backward tribes, Christian community 35,165 and 6,266 Parsi.

Karachi is a beautiful natural seaport. Safe from tempest and stroms due to Manora Island, and Oyster Rocks. The sea coast extends for many miles along the seaport. The land is about 5 to 120 feet higher in the northern and eastern side and Karachi itself is situated on a vast plain. There are few hills in the north-east, the highest one being Mangopeer, 585 feet high. Two rainy rivulets Maleer and Layari pass through the eastern and northern part of the city.

Karachi has no parallel in the country as an cosmopolitan city, where we can find people from all over the world. One can enter the city by road, sea, and air. Karachi is linked by the grand trunk road to Peshawer and a road to Zahidan linkes it with Islamic Republic of Iran and Middle East. Karachi is the last station of Pakistan railway. The export goods are taken to Karachi from all over Pakistan by train or by road and imported goods are taken from there to other parts of the country.

Karachi is also the centre for the sea trade. Specially the trade between Persian Gulf, Suez cannal and Ras umeed, etc. and to the other side up to Srilanka, Burma, Japan, Indonesia and Australia. This sea port is dependable in every weather and for every kind of ship. There is a great volume of trade by sea with the neighbouring countries.


Karachi is the biggest industrial and commerial centre of Pakistan. More than three thousand factories are working there which employ a great number of workers. Special attention is given to the industries of clothing and shoe making.

There are many large factories for producing machines, medicine, ceramric, furniture, paper, electric goods, leather productions besides oil refinery. In recent years Pakistan steel Mill and the industrial port Qasim, have been constructed at Karachi.

Karachi boasts of some of the most prominent educational centres, having institutions like Karachi University, N.E. D University, Agha Khan Medical University and other educational, technical and commerce institutions. The important tourist attractions include Quaid-e-Azam Mazar, museum fishery in Kiliftan, the Zoo, Safari Paradise point on sea coast, Habib bank building, Mary Wedar Tower, frair Hall and the birth place of of Quaid-e-Azam.

The Cultural Centre of Islamic Republic of Iran is widely and immensly contributing to the achievment of the goal of expansion and promotion of the persian langauge.



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