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Patte weaving is one of the most beautiful weaving methods on cloth and is undoubtedly one of noblest from of handicrafts in this country and delicate hands of diligent artists of Kerman have special skill in making them.

In patte weaving string and cloth have main applications.

For this braid string or hand spinned string with green, orange, yellow, red, light red, blue, turquoise, black, dark green, scarlet, dark grey and dark green while wool, condom and linen cloth are used.

Each patte consists of two sections. The sides and the background. Designs of the background are: “Boteh Jeghaey”, “Toranj (a kind citrus fruit). Almond flower, tree design. Animal designs specially birds.

Side designs Include geometric figures, slimi flowers, scroll, trunk slimi and khataee.

First the design is sewen onto the cloth, then gaiter weaving or chirography weaving is worked in, the background weaving is done and finally sides weavings are clove in a zigzag fashion that is known as “patak weaving” or “germ weaving.”

Patte weaving and its products are usually hand woven like “Sajadeh” (a cloth on which prayer’s a paratus are put), “Ja-Namaz” (a smaller cloth on wich prayer’s stone is put on), “Ja-Qoran” (Qoran cover), curtain, shoes sheetings, truss, bolster and etc.

All of these products have a meaning with every day life of people of Kerman and magnifys creativity and zeal of the artists.

Patte woven cover of shah nematollah’s vali tomb in mahan of Kerman is among the interesting samples of this Art.



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