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Rouhani, Abe hold private talks in Japan

The Japanese official paid a visit to Tehran in June 2019 and he could be regarded as the first Prime Minister visiting Iran over the past 40 years.

During the visit, he met with senior Iranian officials and discussed various topics.

The Prime Minister had said that defusing tensions in the region was the objective of the visit.

The Japanese media had reported that the minster had taken steps toward removing the obstacles facing the implementation of the JCPOA and also the US sanctions.

President Rouhani"s visit to Tokyo is aimed at complementing the previous talk.

Iran and Japan enjoy friendly relations and the officials of both sides had met on the sidelines of the recent UN general assembly in New York.

Today"s visit is the 19th meeting of Iranian-Japanese high-ranking officials over the past 19 years ago and the 10th Rouhani-Abe talk.

Boosting mutual cooperation, discussing the JCPOA, the US sanctions imposed against Iran, and energy cooperation are among the issues that both sides would talk about, the Japanese media reported.

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